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Creating Update

So last post I wrote about focusing more on creating than on only consumption. I put out there that I was going to do some making of my own. Here is an update on that.

First, I mentioned Arduinos which are cheap and easy-to-use microcontrollers that serve as a pillar of the maker movement. I realized that I have been so focused on getting certified in coaching that I have not done any hands-on Arduino work in months. That left me a bit rusty but it felt good to get back to creating in the electronics and software area. I read up a bit about using a little display screen that I have and searched for some software that I modified and then I created this little prototype. My longer term goal is to create a “magic mirror” that will give me some news, weather, and traffic updates while I am getting ready in the morning.

Arduino Project

I also built a model my wife gave me one year for Christmas. It’s from one of my favorite childhood shows “Lost in Space” and had been collecting dust for years. It’s been decades since I built a model but it’s actually pretty fun – even if I did stick my fingers together a couple times. Not that much to brag about, but it felt good to get that out of the box and to turn it into a fun little project. It turned from something that was being ignored into something that makes me smile when I see it.

You can see the model in front of my third recent project – a Kanban board. I have been using this to visually manage all of my coaching and blogging tasks. I will soon deliver to you an in-depth description of how these boards can be used to manage your actions and communicate your priorities to your coworkers and boss. It’s a great tool that I have really benefited from over the last couple months.

Looking back, over the last two weeks I have also created some specific plans to expand this blog and add some training and coaching packages to this website. I have modified the site a bit already, but I encourage you to keep an eye on it in September and October as I create some new opportunities for us to engage and for you to realize your goals. I am also focused on creating a stronger and healthier me, but that is for another post.

The last blog post was by far my most read; I’d like to ask you to let others know about this blog too. I also am offering again a few complimentary coaching sessions prior to rolling out some paid packages, so if you or anyone you know would like to get some free coaching, you can reach me at . You can email me as well if there are specific topics you would like addressed or have some creation of your own you want to share.

Now, go make it happen - Tom

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